I am pleased to provide this testimonial for Nick Trevette, who recently assisted me with a compelling matter involving an SRA investigation. From the moment I reached out to Nick I was impressed by his professionalism and dedication to my case. He took the time to listen to my concerns and gather all the necessary information to build a strong defense. His expertise and knowledge of the legal system were evident throughout the entire process. Nick demonstrated exceptional attention to detail and ensured that no stone was left unturned in investigating the matter. His strategic approach and ability to analyse complex situations allowed him to uncover crucial evidence that ultimately led to a positive outcome in my case. I was particularly impressed by Nick’s communication skills. He kept me informed at every stage of the process, in a way that was easy to understand. His prompt responses to my questions and concerns gave me reassurance and confidence in his abilities. It was evident that Nick genuinely cared about my well-being and fought tirelessly to protect my rights. His dedication and commitment to my case were truly remarkable, and I am grateful for his efforts. I wholeheartedly recommend Nick to anyone in need of a skilled and compassionate solicitor. His expertise, professionalism, and unwavering support were invaluable in navigating the complexities of my SRA investigation. I am forever grateful for his assistance and proud to have had him by my side throughout this challenging process. D, Solicitor, Hertfordshire (June 2024) 

Nick [Trevette] steered me through the complicated and stressful situation in which I found myself, providing steadfast support and sound advice leading to an excellent outcome. E, Solicitor, London (June 2024)

The help of Andrew Blatt and Nick Trevette has been invaluable to me in a very difficult dispute with the SRA.  Without their advice I would not have had the confidence to challenge the SRA's procedures and Nick, who took over the running of the case in its later stages, showed an outstanding degree of  persistence and commitment that resulted in a much more favourable outcome than I dared to expect. C, Solicitor, Sussex (May 2024)

I engaged Murdochs as I had used Robert Forman in the past and was very impressed on that ocassion. In the current matter Mr. Forman was calm and reassuring in what was a stressful time for me having to deal with the SRA. His advice was straightforward and once the plan was agreed he implemented it with a very positive outcome with the SRA. I am sure that if I had tried to deal with it myself (always tempting) I would not have had the same positive outcome. All told the service provided by Murdochs and in particular Mr. Forman was excellent and I would not hesitate to recommend fellow professionals with matters causing them concern to seek advice at an early stage and be guided by the calm clear advice Murdochs will give. T, Solicitor, Essex (May 2024)

Nick [Trevette] was extremely supportive and gave me very practical, expert advice that helped to resolve my concern.  He dealt with it in a kind and pragmatic way, providing a clear path through a difficult issue and a lot of moral support, which I really appreciated given the sensitivity of the situation.  I am extremely grateful to him for all of his help and would recommend his services without hesitation. S, Solicitor, London (May 2024)

I have to say that I am ever so grateful for Robert Forman's assistance throughout our case dealing with insurers. He was excellent in his responses to insurers and throughout the mediation process. He was extremely knowledgeable,  visionary and helpful and we got the result, which seemed impossible to achieve frankly. I would highly recommend Robert to any law firm having issues with SRA or/and PII insurers. L, Firm of Solicitors, Liverpool (January 2024)

Robert [Forman] was recommended to me by another lawyer in the context of an internal disciplinary process, when it became apparent that allegations that had been made against me were likely to result in a report to the SRA and a subsequent investigation. At a time of great stress and anxiety, Robert's advice was clear and focused, and his insight into the manner in which the SRA operates set out a clear path of next steps. Robert made the time to get under the skin of the allegations, teasing out the pertinent points and also ensuring that the approach of the firm to the process was called out whenever it was found wanting (which was most of the time!). Perhaps most significantly, Robert's eye was always on the SRA process, and ensuring that any steps taken in respect of the firm's process stood me in the best stead. As a result of Robert's advice and strategy, further evidence supporting my account was unearthed (which would not have been the case had I not pushed further), and this eventually resulted in the SRA concluding that the allegations were not made and they would not take any action. I would have no hesitation in recommending Robert and Murdochs to anyone finding them in these difficult situations, especially as they are clearly on your side. P, Solicitor, London (December 2023)

I cannot express enough my grateful thanks to Andrew [Blatt].  I thought my world had fallen apart when I received notification that the SRA were referring my case to a the SDT.  His professionalism, calmness and knowledge was beyond my expectations and I felt so fortunate to have made the call to him. Whilst I have had the benefit of speaking to many ‘Legal 500’ lawyers over the years, Andrew is very much at the top of that list.  He was always available during both the day and evening. Through his superb guidance, he was able to resolve matters to a very positive outcome and I would certainly have been unable to achieve the outcome I did without him.  If there is one person you would need in your corner on a regulatory issue, it is him. I would recommend Andrew without hesitation and his skills, knowledge and experience are beyond question. Solicitor, West Midlands (December 2023)

When you receive notice of an SRA investigation it can feel like the bottom has fallen out of your professional and personal world. I felt vulnerable, disoriented, and ill-equipped to address the allegations I faced. My instruction of Robert Forman for advice and representation was the best decision I made. He made himself available and quickly got to grips with the details; he made early and pre-emptive submissions to the SRA which persuaded them to close their investigation. It was an incredible turn around over a few weeks. Robert was empathetic, down to earth, and has an absolute mastery of this area of law. I can not commend him highly enough. A. Solicitor (November 2023)

I am eternally grateful to Andrew [Blatt] for his wise counsel, experience and support in what was an unexpected and immeasurably distressing time for me. Andrew is absolutely the person to go to, if you are a solicitor facing difficult times. On being referred to him he swiftly put together and marshalled an absolutely first-class team and his regulatory input throughout was invaluable. I have no doubt that, without him, this matter would not have ended in the very positive result which it did. H, Solicitor, City firm (July 2023)

I am grateful to Robert Forman for his expert advice and strategy. His review of the SRA's initial decision to make a rebuke against me revealed that not all of the facts had been taken into account. His guidance and analysis confirmed that a rebuke was not appropriate which the SRA agreed with. Ultimately, this saved me a lot of stress, time and expense in avoiding an adjudication. Robert was always available and prompt with replies. I would encourage anyone who is facing an investigation to contact Robert and his team at the outset instead of trying to deal with it yourself. His advice was worth every penny. I, Solicitor, Gloucestershire (July 2023)

My firm were in the unfortunate position of having to deal with an SRA investigation and the resultant stress that comes with that. Nick Trevette of Murdochs Solicitors was recommended to us, and Nick assisted us over a period of approximately two years. Nick and his team are extremely knowledgeable in their field and gave us honest and good advice throughout so that we knew what to expect and their involvement allowed us to handle the investigation in a way that caused us much less stress. In addition, we achieved the best possible outcome, which I do not consider would have been achieved without their assistance. I would highly recommend Nick and his colleagues to any firm dealing with an SRA investigation. N, Solicitor, Essex (June 2023)

I was referred to Andrew Blatt on the basis of his ability to handle complex matters and reach favourable outcomes for his clients. Andrew communicated with the SRA on my behalf and while he was on annual leave, his trusted colleague Nick Trevette continued the dialogue with the SRA. This ultimately led to my matter being brought to a swift close - I am grateful for both Andrew’s and Nick’s guidance as it has been a very difficult period of my life. My only regret is that I only wish I had got in touch with them sooner! Thank you both - I can now continue with my legal career with no obstacles. RC, Trainee Solicitor, London (June 2023)

I was put onto Andrew Blatt at Murdochs by the Solicitors Assistance Scheme when I realised I had likely made an error regarding my regulatory arrangements and needed to complete a self-report to the SRA. I sent Andrew an email and got an immediate response back, kindly offering a call that very evening - as, in his own words, he understood how worrying these sorts of situations can be for fellow solicitors and didn't want me to have to wait for a response. Andrew's advice and guidance on this call was enormously helpful in assuaging my anxiety about the situation, as he calmly walked me through the next steps of how best to go about doing the self-report and mitigating against any further possible consequences for the error. Andrew also kindly looked over the report once I had drafted it, offering even further reassurance before I submitted it. While luckily this was not a matter that went on to require any further assistance, I would have felt in incredibly safe hands with Andrew if further steps were required: he has a profound depth of experience of dealing with the SRA and deep knowledge about our regulatory requirements as solicitors, but he also clearly genuinely cares about and is clearly motivated by the well-being of others in the profession. I'm extremely grateful to Andrew for supporting me in what otherwise could have been a stressful situation and couldn't recommend him and the rest of the team at Murdochs enough for others with similar regulatory issues they may be facing. O, Solicitor, London (May 2023)

When an email from the SRA dropped into my inbox (on my birthday of all days) telling me they were starting an investigation, my world stopped.  In 18 years I had never had a blemish and so I immediately knew I needed professional help.  I contacted Murdochs and was put in touch with Robert Forman, thank goodness!  Robert was calm and practical, understood the absolute nightmare of being investigated and helped me deal with the stress and anxiety it caused by always being level-headed and by always giving me sensible advice.  I will hopefully never go through anything like this again but if any other solicitor I know faces this, I know exactly who I will send them toJ, Solicitor, North West England (April 2023)

Robert Forman represented me in a recent SRA investigation.  In over 30 years of practice, I had not been the subject of any complaints to the SRA and I found the experience overwhelmingly distressing.  Robert has a cool and practical head. He provided focus to deal with the investigation from the perspective of the SRA which I was totally unable to do at the time. Despite not always liking his advice, Robert was able to steer me away from the trees and allowed me to see the SRA’s wood. As a result, the response which was submitted addressed the SRA’s concerns and no further action was taken. I hope that in the years to come I will not receive another letter from the SRA, but should a letter drop on my desk, Robert will be the first person I will call. J, Solicitor, North of England (April 2023)

I cannot commend Andrew Blatt highly enough. He is thoughtful, and always available at literally any time. He combines this with professional excellence and diligence and care. Beyond that he practically understands the workings of the SRA and has their respect. This enables him to navigate the right path through in communicating with them and complying with their processes. JS, Solicitor, South West England (February 2023)

Robert [Forman], I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your exemplary advice and representation throughout. It was a huge benefit to have you on board throughout this process and ultimately, the fact that the SRA were forced to withdraw their decision to refer the firm to the SDT and accepted all our representations in response to the SRA’s notice, is a testament to your precision, skill, and expertise. It was a difficult time for the firm, and we are grateful that you were on board to guide this matter to its logical and appropriate conclusion. It seems clear that without your involvement, the SRA would not have dealt with this matter correctly. Thank you. S, Solicitor, Bedfordshire (February 2023)

Following a dispute with another solicitor and after 33 years of an unblemished record, at 5.30pm on a Friday, I received the email from the SRA to say I was under investigation.  My world fell apart that weekend, which I spent researching solicitors. On the Monday I spoke to a solicitor from each of the 3 firms who specialised in this field.  As soon as I spoke with Nick, I knew that I could put my faith in him.  My health failed and I was in a terrible place.  Nick Trevette however guided me through the process and at the earliest opportunity,  he advised there  no case to answer.  The SRA investigation was extremely slow.  Months passed without any response, the officer changed without any notification, and the provision of documentation was painful. Through it all Nick was extremely knowledgeable, pragmatic, but just as importantly the emotional support he provided was invaluable.  I’m not quite sure how I got through the tortuous experience, but it wouldn’t have been possible without Nick by my side.  Whilst I don’t think I will ever get over the trauma caused to me it was significantly lessened by his support.  I am grateful for his approach on costs which I believe was very reasonable for which I am again so grateful. L, Solicitor (January 2023)

For the first time in an unblemished 11 year career I faced the prospect of the SRA investigating me for a potential breach of the Code of Conduct.  I contacted Murdochs Solicitors through the Solicitors’ Assistance Scheme and was referred to Nick Trevette.  Nick provided exactly the support I needed: he listened empathetically and understood my concern, was hugely knowledgeable on the SRA and its processes, provided expert advice on making a self-report, and was always available to calm my anxieties.  Nick drafted a self-report to the SRA on my behalf and managed the communication with the regulator, which with hindsight was vital as I would probably have over-communicated with them to my detriment.  Due to Nick’s wise counsel, the SRA decided the Code of Conduct had not been breached and decided not to undertake an investigation.  I cannot recommend Murdochs, and Nick in particular, highly enough to any solicitor who requires assistance with an SRA issue. S, Solicitor, Northampton (January 2023)

I came across Murdochs when searching online for someone to provide advice when I became aware that the SRA was likely to open an investigation.  Andrew Blatt was immediately available (at all hours), not only to advise on the regulatory process that was likely to follow but also early actions (such as a self report) to help build mitigation.  The SRA's entire investigation was extremely stressful and slow-moving, taking several years, but Andrew helped to guide me though this very dark spell with clear, no-nonsense advice as well as a level of empathy, compassion and understanding which was instrumental in 'keeping me going' over this period.  In fact, the end result Andrew was able to secure after considerable back-and-forth with the SRA and detailed representations, was better than had been expected, with the matter ultimately concluding with a decision to take no further action. I would highly recommend Andrew and his team for their advice, dedication to securing the best outcome for their clients and, perhaps just as importantly for solicitors facing the awful stress of an SRA investigation and disciplinary proceedings, pastoral support.  AR, Solicitor (January 2023)

I would highly recommend the services of Andrew Blatt in relation to any problems with the SRA and the SDT. Andrew helped me with regard to the Intervention of my firm by the SRA, and the subsequent referral to the SDT. Andrew was very easy to reach, and talk to. He fully understood my problems. He was sympathetic and understanding. His knowledge and approach were second to none. Andrew was able to bring the subsequent SDT proceedings to conclusion in a manner which caused less problems and upset for me. I am very grateful to him. NG, Solicitor, London (December 2022)

Mr [Andrew] Blatt's assistance and brilliant advice gave me a second chance to qualify and pursue my dream career. He guided me through the process and definitely reduced some of my stress! O, Trainee Solicitor, London (August 2022)

After using the Solicitors Assistance Scheme I was introduced to Andrew [Blatt]. His wealth of experience and in-depth knowledge of regulatory matters, (which is something I have never had to face before) helped me realise I was in a position to do something about the situation I had found myself in and to see a logical approach in dealing with the SRA both in terms of self-reporting and the 28-month investigation that would ultimately ensue. Andrew’s approach to the complex facts allowed a comprehensive account to be made by him to my regulator which helped those matters to be placed into context underpinned with hard copy evidence presented in a coherent way. Andrew’s proactive running of the file ultimately led to a determination of no further action and I am under no illusion had it not been for his overwhelming regulatory experience that matters may have not worked out the way that they did. I must add that Andrew provided one to one support during this entire time period which is testament to his overall ethos and client care something the firm demonstrates as a whole. By Andrew adopting the approach that he did and ensuring I was involved at every level I was updated throughout which helped my mental well-being tremendously during this period. Thank you once more from myself and my family. S, Solicitor, Yorkshire (December 2021)

I recently instructed Murdochs Solicitors to act for me in a case against the SRA and I had Nick Trevette representing me. I was extremely impressed with his knowledge, professionalism but also his empathetic and calm approach to the case. He levelled out my expectations at each stage and provided his honest professional advice which allowed me to make calm, logical decisions. I felt supported throughout the whole process and I honestly believe I would not have received the outcome I did had it not been for Nick. It was evident that he has huge experience within his field. Nick always provided speedy responses and replied to all emails, calls and texts promptly. Nick got me through one of the most difficult times in my life to date and I would highly recommend him to others. NK, Solicitor, London (November 2021)

When the SRA got in contact with me to confirm they were opening an investigation, my whole world came to a stop and I was truly devastated. As a solicitor, with only a few years PQE, my mental health took a huge hit and I realised I was out of my depth. I started to search for representation and the testimonials on Murdochs' website encouraged me to speak with Robert [Forman]. I was feeling very ashamed and embarrassed about the investigation and I found it difficult to speak with anyone about it. When I spoke to Robert, my mind was put at ease (as much as it could be) and he made me feel less ashamed and embarrassed about the situation I was in. From initially speaking with Robert, it was clear he has a wealth of experience and extensive knowledge of the rules. Robert's advice, support and attention to detail were pivotal in achieving the best possible outcome. Robert was always available to speak (even out of hours). If you are facing an investigation, instructing Robert will be the best investment you make.  Thanks once again for your support. T, Solicitor, Manchester (October 2021)

Robert [Forman] was recommended to me, and I would go out of my way to recommend him to any other solicitor contacted by the SRA. During what was an extremely stressful set of circumstances and an unnecessarily prolonged process (the SRA are a disgrace) he provided expert guidance and navigated matters to an acceptable conclusion. No-nonsense and straightforward, whilst also being kind and understanding - Robert was exactly who I needed and provided exactly what I needed, at a very tough time in my career. S, Solicitor, Cardiff (October 2021)

Upon finding myself under investigation by the SRA, I immediately realised that I was out of my depth when dealing with the investigators and the stress it was causing me. Therefore, I decided that I required some legal advice and heard that Nick Trevette of Murdochs Solicitors was an expert in this field. Nick was not only extremely professional but also open and honest about the potential outcome of my case. Nick went beyond the original remit of the advice needed and helped to keep my stress levels in check whilst going through the process, he was also patient, compassionate and easy to talk with. I would highly recommend Nick to anyone going through the same situation as myself. JW (August 2021)

I cannot recommend Andrew Blatt highly enough for helping me in my communications with the SRA.  When I was contacted by them it was not clear to me what their direction of enquiry was and how it might affect me professionally and I was worried and stressed by it. I felt like a rabbit in the headlights and Andrew acknowledged I needed someone to help me. With Andrew's expert knowledge in this area and experience he was able to reassure me and I was very grateful for his presence when I had an interview with the SRA. H, Solicitor, London (July 2021)

I instructed Andrew [Blatt] in relation to a self-report to the SRA, made from an abundance of caution but subject to a degree of urgency. Andrew’s advice was provided in accordance with the time frames and budget agreed at the outset of this matter and was considered and well-reasoned. I would recommend Andrew without any hesitation. M, Solicitor, London (June 2021)

Andrew [Blatt] was a fantastic support throughout the process and demonstrated great understanding of my personal circumstances, as well as a deep knowledge of the SRA's processes and relevant recent case law, which together ensured the best possible outcome with the minimum of fuss. I would recommend his services to anyone who needs help. A, Solicitor, City of London  (June 2021)

I was recommended to Andrew Blatt by Law Care and I have to say it was this recommendation that saved me.  I cannot recommend Andrew highly enough.  I had been dealing with a client who had been harassing me with complaints for over 6 months when I contacted Law Care and was quite honestly at the end of the road.  The continual bombardment of harassment was affecting both my mental and physical health.  From the moment I spoke to Andrew it was like a weight had been lifted off my shoulders.  He listened and immediately was able to put things into perspective for me.  He took the worry away and full control of the complaint against me.  He was always available to help me though the challenges I was facing at any time or day – nothing was to much trouble with Andrew.  The complaints against me were eventually deemed unfounded but it was over a year after this had first began.  I would have no hesitation in advising any person in my position to contact Andrew for help.  He simple is a wonder at what he does and the manner in which he is able to help you see a way forward and the support he provides is incredible.  The fact that I had Andrew to be my voice is something I will be forever grateful for.  Licensed Conveyancer, Hampshire (March 2021)

I can thoroughly recommend Robert Forman. Robert has a wealth of experience and technical knowledge which is particularly relevant in the unknown territories of the legal regulatory world. Robert’s advice, wisdom and support were critical in achieving the best possible outcome. He is honest, calm and the best pair of legal hands one can hope for in dealing with the regulator. A class act! Anon, Solicitor (March 2021)

We instructed Nick [Trevette] having received a letter from the SRA.  He was easy to talk to and immediately provided reassurance putting us at ease. Whilst undoubtedly a very stressful time, Nick’s support and expert guidance was invaluable.  We are extremely grateful for his help and would wholeheartedly recommend him. N and S, Solicitors, Hampshire (February 2021)

Nick Trevette  is straight talking and gets to the heart of the matter quickly,  he is incredibly well informed and if my self report had gone further, I would have had complete faith in his advice and judgment. Anon, Solicitor (January 2021)

I could not recommend Robert Forman more highly. I was faced with allegations of dishonesty, lack of integrity and recklessness and Robert successfully defended me.  All the allegations were dismissed in their entirety. Robert's advocacy was superb and his attention to detail, in-depth knowledge of the rules and practical insights were invaluable. Robert also had the perfect balance of approachability and empathy whilst also being able to raise difficult questions when necessary. He addressed each allegation head on, succinctly and skillfully. I have no hesitation in recommending Robert to any solicitor facing regulatory issues. L, Solicitor,  Nottinghamshire (December 2020)

I would like to express my thanks and gratitude to Robert Forman who has recently acted on my behalf with a SRA investigation. The allegations were far reaching and required a detailed and informed response. Robert’s knowledge of the SRA and their procedures was invaluable in his initial advice then what followed was a comprehensive review and detailed commentary before preparing the draft response. Robert's experience and in depth knowledge with specific reference to the investigation ensured my response was detailed in the best possible way. The outcome was positive in that the SRA did not find fault and did not pursue the matter further. Such a relief. I would highly recommend Robert Forman to all that need such assistance and expertise. L, Solicitor, South Yorkshire (November 2020)

Dear Nick [Trevette] I just wanted to email you and personally thank you for all the effort that you put into my case with the SDT. The personal touch and the fact that you are prepared to go the extra mile really made a difference to me (and ultimately the end result). You helped me and my family out during a very difficult time in our lives. Thanks to your help I can now see light at the end of the tunnel. S, Solicitor, London (October 2020)

I contacted Robert [Forman] facing 5 allegations of dishonesty. Robert’s attention to detail and matter of fact approach was precisely what my case required as the starting point was I had been criticised by a judge.  I was cleared of all allegations including dishonesty and recklessness and therefore completely exonerated by the tribunal after a five day trial.  I cannot put into words how grateful I am for the hard work put in by Robert even during the difficult time of the lockdown and pandemic. If you are facing any disciplinary or regulatory action this is the man to use. C, Solicitor, Devon (October 2020)

I wholeheartedly recommend Nick Trevette to you.  When it feels like your world has ended you need the right person to guide you through the SRA/SDT labyrinth. I shortlisted 6 solicitors and had conversations of around an hour with each of them. Nick immediately stood out. This journey is highly stressful and you need not only someone who is technically excellent and a true specialist in what is a constantly evolving area but also someone who has genuine compassion, understanding, kindness and is emotionally supportive. Nick always gave me the time I needed be that early in the morning, late at night or at weekends. I also met him face to face on numerous occasions. Nick has extensive experience and a real strength in building relationships with people. Not only does he have an excellent rapport with his clients but also is very well regarded, trusted and respected by the SRA, SDT and leading barristers. My own case was extremely difficult involving actions I took whilst suffering from an undiagnosed lifelong mental health condition. Nick identified that I most probably had a health issue I didn't know about and arranged what proved to be a very late diagnosis. The medical evidence was pivotal to my case. Throughout he identified possible solutions to my case that I didn't even know were options and he stood by my side during a 4 day hearing at the SDT. He even managed to arrange a face to face hearing at the SDT when there has only been one other since March due to covid. Even after the hearing he continues to go above and beyond what I've paid him to do to sort out costs with the SRA. Nick can provide you with all you need to give you the best possible chance of a positive outcome. Thank you Nick. S, Solicitor, West of England (October 2020)

‘Andrew [Blatt] was a massive support to me during my dealings with the SRA. It was an incredibly difficult time for me but he put my mind at ease with his extensive knowledge of the processes and what approaches to take.  He was able to offer me on the spot advice and guidance, he didn’t take my case on as it wasn’t needed at the time but was still willing to guide me and offer his experience to me. He was very honest with me in explaining the stages just in case I needed his support. He gave me much needed confidence and reassured me fully. I would highly recommend Andrew. H, Solicitor, London (October 2020)

I can thoroughly recommend Nick Trevette who helped me through the procedure regarding a professional problem towards the end of my career as a solicitor. He was extremely attentive and nothing was too much trouble. He attended me at my firm's office and subsequently at my own home. Nick dealt with all matters and queries expediently, even out of normal office hours. And his advice was always appreciated and the matter was concluded very satisfactorily. B, Solicitor, London (October 2020) 

From the moment I instructed Robert Forman I was impressed by the quality of his legal advice and his willingness to ensure my wellbeing was safeguarded during incredibly challenging times. Robert calmly guided me through the process to be followed and achieved the outcome that was needed. L.S., Solicitor, Bedford (September 2020)

Nick Trevette was invaluable during my dealings with the SRA and SDT.  He has a detailed knowledge and understanding of the processes and dynamics involved.  He was able to draw on his extensive experience to guide me through the process and help me towards the best achievable outcome.  A good man to have in your corner. M, Solicitor, London (August 2020)

I was recommended to Murdochs Solicitors by the organisation Lawcare who I contacted for support following a serious allegation made against me.  Andrew Blatt and Nick Trevette met with me jointly shortly after my initial enquiry.  There was no charge for the consultation. I left their office  more robust, clear and reinvigorated to defend my position as a solicitor. I believe Murdochs provides a level of expertise and professionalism one might expect from a magic-circle law firm, its reputation speaks for itself. The support I received from Andrew and Nick during what I can only describe as the worst time of my life is indeed greatly appreciated. K, Solicitor, London (August 2020)

As a multi-disciplinary team of experienced solicitors, it felt a little strange to be seeking legal advice from another firm of solicitors. It was clear to us that we had a matter upon which we were obliged to make a report to the SRA and that we would benefit from someone with regulatory experience in this area. Murdochs were highly recommended to us, clearly with just cause. We found Robert Forman to be focussed and efficient as to the information he required from us and practical and concise in the advice and guidance he provided throughout. He assisted us in the drafting of the report. His expertise and experience assisted us in dealing with a very stressful situation with confidence leading to a positive outcome. We would highly recommend him. M, Firm of Solicitors, North East (July 2020)

Hello Robert [Forman] I am writing to you to share the great news that I was admitted to the roll of solicitors last month. I thank you so much for your support. Your sensible, pragmatic and efficient approach are certainly now an inspiration in my career as a solicitor. Best wishes, B, Solicitor London (July 2020)

I felt such a huge weight off my shoulders having spoken to Andrew [Blatt] at Murdochs. This was our first (and I hope only) self report to the SRA. Andrew took me through the process and discussed the options, and the worst case scenario. He was so calm and reassuring and clearly hugely experienced. He dealt with the entire process for us in an efficient and thorough way, drafting a detailed report. I would recommend him highly to any solicitor with a potential regulatory issue. A, Managing Partner, London (July 2020)

I would say that Andrew [Blatt] has a forensically tuned mined in dealing with significant papers and complex data.  He has the ability to reduce such matters by enquiry and analytic discernment as to what are the core matters in a case.  This he does extremely well in the area of regulatory work he does.  He charges a fair hourly rate and is open to offering a fixed price quotation rather than one on an hourly rate basis.  He is extremely approachable and professional and certainly in my view goes the extra mile, for me and I believe all his clients,  Andrew also offers the services of visiting solicitors in their office which is  a great help when dealing with many files and data. He is efficient and professional and has the ability to put you at ease and although he can give you and does provide you with a full spectrum of how a case could be concluded he is extremely fair minded and realistic - he thoroughly examines and explains all possible outcomes. As to weaknesses I am not aware of any and I would thoroughly recommend him, as I consider him as above all others to be outstanding in his field. Solicitor, North West (May 2020)

As a solicitor of 26 years PQE with an unblemished disciplinary record, I will never forget when the SRA contacted me to advise I was being investigated around issues of dishonesty/lack of integrity. Overnight mine and my family’s world fell apart. I was fortunate enough to find Robert [Forman] through a number of recommendations. The testimonials on his website gave me confidence but that was enhanced hugely when I first spoke to him. He gave me comfort that this was nothing new and that he would step me through the process to give me the best chance of a favourable outcome. When the formal report arrived I spent 2 days with Robert as he effectively cross-examined me as to every allegation. To say he was robust would be an understatement but as he rightly said, he was being far more challenging than would be the case in a hearing and this would stand me in good stead. In the end through his detailed response to the SRA he was able to negotiate an Agreed Outcome with a fine and no other sanctions. This reflected my minimal culpability but without Robert I am certain I would not have achieved that result. I hold him in the highest esteem for his technical knowledge, his pragmatism and his support. M, Solicitor, Lancashire (January 2020)

Robert [Forman] gave calm, practical, and pragmatic advice following my discovery that I had unintentionally failed to declare relevant prior conduct to my regulator. Robert helped me prepare a declaration to my regulator the result of which was that no action was taken against me. If you’ve got regulatory problems, you really couldn’t hope for a better representative to have on your side. CILEx member (November 2019)

I highly recommend Murdochs (specifically Nick Trevette) who very diligently dealt with my highly sensitive matter. On Christmas Eve I landed home and opened a letter I received from the SRA, my heart sank with fear, that my career would be over from a very misinterpreted matter that become extremely complex and difficult case. I can confidently say that the thoroughness, professionalism, responsiveness (communicated throughout Christmas eve and New Year’s), and empathetic approach of Nick Trevette made the experience a pleasant one. He promised and fulfilled his promise by providing me with a positive and successful result on such a complex matter- a testament to his skills, knowledge and experience in the legal profession. Many thanks. M, Trainee Solicitor, Bedfordshire (October 2019)

In my 40th year as a solicitor and now practising under in-house arrangements on a consultancy basis and having had no disciplinary issues with either the Law Society or SRA, I was anonymously reported to the SRA for holding myself out as a firm of solicitors when I was not. I sought Andrew [Blatt]'s advice who first reassured me that I had done nothing wrong, and then corresponded on my behalf with the SRA. The SRA shared Andrew’s conclusion. Throughout, Andrew dealt with the matter in a highly efficient and competent matter. I would not hesitate to recommend him. A, Solicitor, South-East England (October 2019)

I cannot say how thankful that I was to be introduced to Robert Forman as my advisor in connection with a personal regulatory problem with the SRA. To say that I was stressed when we first spoke is an understatement. His manner was incredibly calming and constructive. Thereafter he speedily and meticulously drafted the necessary documents for submission to the SRA who have since indicated they will take no further steps to which I am sure is in no small measure as to how clearly matters were put to them by Robert. Thank you Robert. P, Solicitor, London (August 2019)

We would like to thank Robert Forman for his sensible and pragmatic advice and for his determined legal representation. His experience, expertise, and support was extremely reassuring and very much appreciated. With many thanks once again. G, Firm & A, Solicitor, London (June 2019)

I was introduced to  Robert [Forman] at a particularly stressful moment in my career, having been wrongly accused by an opponent of mine of unprofessional practice. Although factually tricky the accusation itself was baseless and it took clarity of mind and a careful sifting of documents in order for Robert to distil the issues that the SRA would care about. He dutifully delivered those facts to the SRA in a fabulous piece of written work. Two months later all charges were dropped and life moved on. I can’t thank Robert enough. M, Solicitor, London (May 2019)

I came across Andrew [Blatt] after a quick internet search and from the testimonies online I immediately felt assured that he was likely to be the best man for the job and this quickly became evident during our first telephone call. In what was an incredibly stressful time in my career, Andrew put my mind at rest, working with me to draft the necessary responses. He was always prepared to take calls and e-mails from me, regardless of the time and was happy to take the time to explain all of the possibilities and outcomes. He always put my mind at ease. Ultimately, I got the outcome I had hoped for, thanks to Andrew’s clearly knowledgeable input as to how best to deal with these matters. If you find yourself in the unenviable position of being investigated by the SRA, I cannot recommend Andrew enough. J, Solicitor, Manchester (May 2019)

It is my immense pleasure to recommend Andrew Blatt. Reading through the many testimonials here, it is evident that Andrew is a dedicated lawyer to his work and his clients, extremely capable at getting results and is highly regarded. He really is all that as has been mentioned, and much more. I was utterly distraught when I first met Andrew. I had just found out that I was being reported to the SRA and had no idea of what was to come.  I remember Andrew just listening to me carefully during that first meeting and showing me great kindness, which I will never forget. Facing an SRA investigation is possibly one of the hardest things to go through, and I don’t know how I would have coped without Andrew’s support and advice. Not only did he handle my case with care and understanding, together with his incredible knowledge and skill in dealing with the SRA and its processes, led to my story, thankfully, having a happy ending with the SRA deciding not to take any action against me. Andrew, from the bottom of my heart, thank you for everything that you have done for me and for believing in me. I can finally move on with my career with my head held high. Solicitor, London (May 2019)

I’m grateful to Nick Trevette for the outstanding legal service provided. Nick Trevette is personable, approachable with a wealth of legal knowledge. Nick Trevette’s conduct of the investigation carried out by the SRA was indispensable to achieve the best outcome in my case. I had fallen below the professional standards expected of a solicitor by receiving a caution from the police and failing to notify the SRA. Whilst there were mitigating circumstances, Nick Trevette’s professional expert advice and support was exceptional. The SRA was seeking to impose a condition on my certificate and publish a public notice. Nick Trevette’s formidable presentation of my case and liaison with the SRA enabled the very best outcome of the investigation and settlement proposal. I delighted that no conditions were imposed on my practising certificate and that the matter was not made public. The SRA was fair, reasonable and proportional in its final decision. I have been rebuked and liable to pay a fine, however I can continue to practise without an added burden of public notice or conditions on my practising certificate. I strongly suggest that if you find yourself in similar position Nick Trevette will be able to guide you and support you through your journey. M, Solicitor, (March 2019)

Dear Robert [Forman] Many thanks for concluding this matter. I am most grateful to you for the efficient, constructive, manner you have dealt with my case. That, in addition to the support, objective assessment/analysis and advice throughout has most certainly alleviated a great deal deal of the worry and stress throughout. I would unreservedly recommend you personally and Murdochs to any solicitor seeking assistance  in dealing with any issue with the SRA. P, Solicitor, Birmingham (February 2019)

Andrew Blatt helped me exit as a member from a very unhappy law firm where  I had experienced bullying and unfair treatment. I was ostracised as a result of raising a grievance and then subjected to unfounded criticisms in an attempt by my ex-colleagues to avoid meeting financial commitments legally owed to me upon my departure.  The situation was extremely stressful and it caused much anxiety to the serious detriment of my health.  My ex-partners attempted to exploit this.  Andrew was of enormous help and support to me and my family during this difficult time and we achieved a settlement agreement which meant I could move on to new opportunities. He is a wise counsel and I commend him. L, Solicitor, (February 2019)

Andrew [Blatt] came recommended to me by another firm. My firm was investigated by the SRA and with Andrew’s help, we avoided a threatened intervention. Andrew then assisted me with a serious partnership dispute before acting for me in Solicitors Disciplinary Tribunal proceedings. Wishing only to bury my head in the sand, Andrew focused me. Aside from being methodical, he was approachable and made lot of common sense. His knowledge of SDT practice and procedure is fantastic, and he knew the best approach to take. He negotiated strongly to achieve an Agreed Outcome for me, and was successful. Andrew was clear with his fees, timescale and likely outcome. He understood my needs. I felt that I was in capable hands throughout. He was also very flexible, speaking to me regularly outside work hours. Thank you, Andrew, for all your help. I would definitely recommend Andrew [Blatt] to any solicitors or firms that have an issue with the SRA. M, Solicitor, Bolton (February 2019)

I contacted Andrew Blatt after I had been dismissed by my employer. It was an extremely difficult time for me but Andrew was a reassuring and calm voice of reason throughout. Out of a proper abundance of caution he entered a self report to the SRA on my behalf. The SRA took no action against me. I can highly recommend Andrew Blatt for his wide experience, his exceptional knowledge of SRA procedure and practice, and his patience and understanding with a very stressed client! Solicitor, Midlands (January 2019)

I would like to say a very big thanks to Nick Trevette for his help and support over a tumultuous period in which I had been dismissed and reported to the SRA by the firm I was working for at the time. I was a newly qualified solicitor and was left aghast at the situation I found myself in. I didn’t know where or who to turn to for advice. As soon as I contacted Murdochs for assistance, Nick was available to speak to at all times and his experience in communicating and corresponding with staff at the SRA was invaluable in obtaining a fair outcome. Following a self-report which Nick drafted and submitted on my behalf, it was agreed that the matter would be resolved without the need for a costly referral to the Solicitors Disciplinary Tribunal. Conditions were instead imposed on my practising certificate and I was able to re-enter the profession. I have since gained employment with a new firm who have fully supported me from day one. Nick had a key role to play in the subsequent authorisation of employment with my new firm. His ability to streamline and fast-track various SRA processes, which appeared alien to me, was of immense value as it allowed me to re-enter the profession with relative ease after a lengthy absence. From the outset I felt that he understood exactly what had happened at my previous firm and empathised with the position I found myself in. I could not recommend Nick and the team at Murdochs enough. They are a professional and highly capable team who are clearly respected by the various authorities and professional bodies whom they deal with on behalf of their clients on a daily basis. AM, Solicitor (January 2019)

If you find yourself in a difficult situation, whether it be professional problems or business problems, then you can do no better than to engage the services of Nick Trevette of Murdochs. When I was all at sea in my business and personally, the one sensible decision that I made was to reach out to Nick Trevette for help and support. How glad I am now that I did that. Nick turned out to be my liferaft and I honestly believe that, without him, I would have simply drowned. Nick possesses a combination of a sympathetic personality, a wealth of experience and knowledge, a calm and reassuring manner and, perhaps most significantly, an ability to cut through the fog and grasp the heart of the matter. Nick is the friend you need in troubled times and I cannot recommend his services highly enough. DC, Solicitor (January 2019)

My firm had been struggling with cash flow difficulties for years due to legal aid cuts and delays in payments. As the financial difficulties escalated I self reported fearing the worst – an  SRA intervention. Luckily for me I was recommended to Murdochs and was put in touch with Nick Trevette. He immediately came out to see me and over the following months assisted me in ensuring an orderly closure of the firm without there being any intervention. These were stressful times  and Nick Trevette was always on hand at all times of the day including weekends to provide advice and guidance. He liaised on my behalf with the SRA and to the extent it was possible, took  away the stress. Nick Trevette is one of those rare lawyers. He has that human touch and without doubt made the difference in my case.  Should  any of my friends or colleagues need advice or representation when dealing with the SRA,  I would have no hesitation in recommending Nick  Trevette. L, Solicitor, London (November 2018)

I was involved in a dispute with a partner and Nick Trevette was of the utmost assistance to me at all times. I have valued his support and advice immensely and have found that as a result I was able to reach an amicable settlement. If that had not been the case the damage to me would have been immense. Nick's patience and expertise cannot be bettered and I am very grateful to him and would recommend him to any colleague at any time. Nick also helped me during an unexpected illness and assisted me to continue my practise through some very difficult times indeed.  That is more than just legal expertise. That is pastoral care from a colleague and I am so very grateful that Nick was there to help. PK, Solicitor, Hertfordshire (November 2018)

Without hesitation, I would recommend the services of Robert Forman. His knowledge of the SRA Code of Conduct, experience and reputation within the legal community is priceless. Robert answered all of my calls and emails with an immediacy that made me feel like a VIP client. At the end of what was looking to be a very long and dark road, Robert was able to assist me in bringing my case to a surprisingly quick and positive conclusion. I am incredibly grateful. R, Solicitor, London (November 2018)

Finding Robert Forman was a stroke of luck and such luck that I will always be grateful for. At a time of great distress Robert was able to offer practical, straightforward expert advice. He achieved for me the best possible outcome I could hope for in very difficult and tense circumstances. Furthermore, not only do I consider Robert a fantastic solicitor but also a wonderful individual who was able to offer wisdom and teaching from his many years of experience as a solicitor. I am eternally grateful to him and Murdochs Solicitors and cannot recommend Robert and his firm highly enough. A, Solicitor, London, (November 2018) 

The old adage “a lawyer who represents himself has a fool for a client” could not be more true than when a solicitor finds himself the subject of a professional conduct matter before the SRA. In those circumstances, the advice of an experienced specialist is essential, someone knowledgeable and wise to the subtler nuances and practices of the SRA, who can calmly and assuredly advise and guide you through the tactical maze and allow you to present your case before the regulators in the best possible light. Robert Forman is just such an expert, whose assurance and advice was hugely welcome to me at a time of considerable stress and uncertainty. I cannot recommend him too highly. Through his wise counsel, a successful outcome was not only predicted but secured. G, Solicitor, the South-East, (November 2018)

I would like to say a massive thank you to Nick Trevette for all his efforts, advice and assistance in relation to my matter with the SRA. I went to two different law firms for advice, however, they both indicated that I had no chance of practising law and that I should change career. I then contacted Nick to have a final opinion on my case. Nick’s approach was totally different. He was very encouraging, extremely supportive and determined. I am now successfully able to start training to become a lawyer which I probably would not have done if it wasn’t for Nick’s incredible support throughout this whole process with the SRA. Nick is very approachable and very understanding. Nick is always positive, very honest and will go to the extra mile to resolve all issues. I am also very grateful that Nick responded to all phone calls/emails and messages even out of work hours. If you find yourself in the stressful situation of having to deal with the SRA, I would most certainly and highly recommend Nick as he has been absolutely amazing and has great expertise and experience with the best care.  I am happy to discuss this in further detail if required. Thank you ever so much Nick.  S.S, London, (October 2018)

I wanted to write this testimonial in recognition of the fantastic service that Andrew Blatt has provided to me during the most difficult time in my professional career and life. I was faced with disciplinary allegations that were extremely distressing for both myself and my family.  I didn’t understand the steps that were required or have the knowledge to adequately defend my position. If it was not for his support with my case today I am sure I would not be able to still practise in a job I love. Andrew and Murdochs were recommended to me by a friend who is counsel, being one of the best in the industry when it comes to regulatory matters.  I have to say that he was not wrong on that count and Andrew is truly that.  From the moment I spoke with Andrew he understood what I was going through, he was incredibly supportive.  I could not have got through this without his guidance.  Andrew visited me and my family on numerous occasions despite the distance he needed to travel.  Andrew was available and supported me on evenings and weekends in his own time to ensure we met deadlines and got the right outcome.  He even worked on the case and responded to matters while he was on holiday because he believed in me and in defending my case.  Andrew stood out against his opponents and even some counsel involved in the matter.  The issues involved in my case were very complex with a mass of paperwork which he was able to understand quickly and formulate clear responses to the SRA on.  I had absolute confidence in Andrew throughout this matter which went on a number of years.  Andrew was very open in his conversations with me and provided very clear advice. His experience in his field and his knowledge of the workings of the SRA and SDT was invaluable to me. I would simply not have known how to navigate my way through the process and the final outcome without Andrew’s advice would definitely not have been as favourable for me.  Andrew was also able to locate the right counsel to support my case at the final SDT hearing with the limited budget I had. I cannot recommend Andrew highly enough.  If you or your firm is facing a regulatory matter and need the best in the industry Andrew is your man.  Thank you Andrew for your support over the years this matter has gone on.  You have given me confidence in this profession again.  VF, Solicitor, Yorkshire (August 2018)

Nick Trevette handled my matter with confidence, sensitivity and precision. I felt instantly in safe hands in a deeply troubling period in my professional career. I would not hesitate in recommending Murdochs to anyone finding themselves in my position. R, Solicitor (August 2018)

Andrew Blatt was recommended to me by the Chartered Institute of Legal Executives and he was specifically recommended out of Murdochs and being one of the best practitioners in the country for [defending] SRA prosecutions.  I contacted Andrew very late in a working day after receiving correspondence from the SRA and at the time I was considerably distressed and stressed.  Andrew took the time to call me back very quickly and in the evening and I immediately felt reassured and received practical help.  I was given a plan of action and I immediately felt at ease and I felt confident that my case was in safe hands and a satisfactory outcome would be achieved.  When looking at the website I could see previous reviews and I could see that my case would be dealt with in an efficient way and I felt that I would not be judged but would also be looked after, counselled and comforted when needed.  The advice and approach was very hands on and I was updated regularly, even when there had been no response from the SRA!  I am very grateful for the result and this has enabled me to return to practice, something which I still enjoy, some 20 years on! I feel like I have been given my life back. A Chartered Legal Executive, South Wales (December 2017)

Murdochs were mentioned to me at a low moment professionally and personally.  Nick Trevette provided immediate help with both aspects of my situation, addressing not only the crisis point but also a longer term strategy.  A firm well connected with other professional advisers offering pragmatic advice in a non-judgmental and down to earth way when it’s most needed.  Hands-on and solution oriented approach.  Very much on your side.  Highly recommended. I, Solicitor, West Midlands (November 2017)

I trust that you are busy protecting the rights of other solicitors who find themselves in difficulty with our professional body. I just want to place on record my sincere thanks for your efforts throughout the duration of my case. Your knowledge and experience of the process was second to none. This was never more in evidence than at tribunal when comparing your representation to the representation received by my co-defendant. It was self- evident that you had prepared my case meticulously, leaving no stone unturned. In the tribunal your representation concise and delivered in such a way that I really felt the tribunal were listening to you. This could have been down to your integrity and reputation, I don’t know. Throughout the process, you keep me informed and your advice was always clear, concise and realistic. There is no way that I could have navigated my way through this process without you. Thank you for helping me keep my PC. Thank you for caring, I never felt that I was just another case. YOU ACTUALLY CARED! To sum up, I would recommend your skills to any solicitor in difficulty. If anyone wants to speak to me direct, I will gladly sing your praises. Thank you once again. You are a true pro. D, Solicitor, The North-West (November 2017)

It is a pleasure to write this testimonial on behalf of Andrew Blatt. He represented me throughout a lengthy investigation by the SRA and also in the preparation of my case for the Solicitors Disciplinary Tribunal. At all time he was able to combine a thorough knowledge of regulatory law with common sense and pragmatism. he was hardworking, friendly and approachable and gave me confidence at all times. I would have no hesitation in recommending him to anyone who requires assistance in dealings with the SRA or the SDT. N, Solicitor, Nottinghamshire (September 2017)

If you are ever worried about anything regulatory or non-regulatory speak to Robert[Forman]. His pragmatic approach and understanding nature means he can provide practical and experienced advice when you require it most. J, Solicitor, Derbyshire (June 2017)

I cannot recommend Andrew Blatt highly enough.  I had to make a self report to the SRA.  I was six months pregnant and highly stressed by the situation. Andrew provided me with a high quality legal service that led me to receiving a positive response from the SRA within a few days of me having made my self-report.  He went above and beyond to deal with my issue speedily and to achieve a positive outcome.  Not only did he provide a fantastic legal service but he was also very empathetic and supportive. Thanks to him I am now able to enjoy the rest of my pregnancy without the weight of the SRA investigation hanging over my head.  If I or anyone I know have the misfortune of having to deal with an SRA self report or investigation I would have no hesitation recommending him to them. M, Solicitor (May 2017)

I am extremely grateful for the support and help given by Andrew Blatt during the course of an application to the SRA for eligibility to continue a period of recognised training. His expertise and experience in this area was invaluable to me and I do not feel I would have achieved the desired outcome had it not been for Andrew’s work. Andrew has excellent knowledge on the SRA rules and case law and I would strongly recommend anyone to instruct Andrew on such issues. I found Andrew down to earth, approachable and very professional throughout my case. Trainee Solicitor, The North-West (May 2017)

I am enormously grateful for the support given to me by Andrew [Blatt] over the course of the last 2 years whilst the SRA investigation and subsequent SDT proceedings have been ongoing. His experience in his field and his knowledge of the workings of the SRA and SDT has been invaluable. I would simply not have known how to navigate my way through the process and the final outcome without Andrew’s advice would definitely not have been as favourable for me. He knows the reality of day to day life in a legal practice and is not judgmental in any way if Rules have been breached, whether unwittingly or by force of circumstance. Andrew has the ear of experienced counsel too, who are on call at short notice to give informal advice if required. My firm has been faced with a variety of financial difficulties on top of the SRA investigations and he has doggedly defended us throughout. At one point in the proceedings, even though Andrew was on holiday with his family, he was on the phone 4 or 5 times a day and was always free to speak to in the evening or at weekends when my stress levels were off the scale. If you’re a solicitor faced with the prospect of disciplinary investigations, give this man a call. Solicitor, The North-West (April 2017)  

Re Robert Forman : I was a sole practitioner with a salaried partner doing mainly legal aid work. In 2015 my firm was made the subject of an investigation by the SRA and I was found to be in breach of the accounting rules in relation to the firm’s office account. This happened because of external pressures on the firm and poor support from my accountants/bookkeeper. After responding to a letter from the SRA which made a number of allegations, which I admitted, in the Summer of 2016 I was formally notified I was being referred to the SDT. This was a great shock to me as I had been in practice 36 years and never had anything like this happen before. After googling the SDT to try to find out more about the process the website for Murdochs came up as offering assistance in this area. Following a tentative enquiry an email was sent to me very promptly from Robert Forman offering to assist. I sent him all the documentation and within a week he responded with his initial view. The news was not good. I was in serious trouble – facing a hefty fine or, alternatively, suspension. The most important advice he gave to me was that I needed to take steps to close my practice as, whatever the outcome of the hearing, I was unlikely to be permitted to continue as a sole practitioner – I would be at high risk of intervention and insolvency. This was important advice as I had been in two minds as to whether I should carry on – had I done so the consequences would have been disastrous. Over the next few months Robert assisted me as to the proper steps to be taken to close down the practice in a compliant manner and also assisted me in relation to correspondence received from the SRA. At the beginning of December the charges were formulated and just before Christmas I closed my firm. I was fortunate to be offered a consultancy in another firm, despite my situation. This meant the stakes were high. I was at retirement age but very much wanted to go on working for the next few years. Were I to be suspended this would be the end of my career as I could see no way back were this to happen. On Robert’s advice, and after discussion with him, I admitted the charges, as I clearly had breached the Rules. He then prepared my statement in mitigation in careful and meticulous detail making absolutely certain that he got everything absolutely correct. He explained to me the mistakes made by my accountants and bookkeeper which I had not previously understood. Sometimes he asked me questions which I found difficult but it was necessary for him to know the answers in presenting my case. There were occasions when I became upset and he was always very sympathetic and supportive. On the day of the SDT hearing I was very stressed and nervous. Robert helped me through the process and was very supportive. He also negotiated a reduction of my costs with the SRA representative which was quite substantial. It was clear that he was well known to the Tribunal and respected by them. He made a very eloquent and persuasive speech in mitigation. In the end I was given a fine, which was at the lower end of the scale. An order was also made that I should not practise again as a sole practitioner, but this was not something I ever wanted to do again anyway. This was absolutely the best outcome I could have hoped to achieve and was an enormous relief. Anyone in my predicament needs specialist help and that was what I had from Murdochs. I can now put this behind me and work for a few years more in the field of law in which I am expert. I am certain this would not have been the case without their help. No one in this situation should think of representing themselves. R, Solicitor, London (April 2017)

I required urgent assistance from an experienced hand to deal with an EWW response to the SRA’s alleged breaches of a number of accounts rules. After approximately 12 years of practice with an exemplary record I was suddenly left in a precarious position with allegations that could put the entire practice in jeopardy. I had no experience in dealing with the SRA and therefore searched for experts within this field. I narrowed down to 2, one recommended and the other Mr. Andrew Blatt. At first I was inclined towards my recommended expert however after spending 3 hours in conference and answering a thousand questions I found his knowledge lacked real experience with no end solution. Andrew was very approachable and quick in returning calls. He was happy to travel up to my offices in Manchester and discuss matters without formal instructions. I found his experience to be a breath of fresh air. He knew exactly how the SRA operated and what I would need to do in bringing this matter to a close. The best aspect of Andrew’s approach is his ‘down to earth’ and ‘friendly’ approach. There was no 9-5 formalities and he would just get on with the job and get in touch whenever it was convenient for both even if it meant 11pm at night.  Andrew gives encouragement but with a dose of realism and is someone that can be relied on without hesitation. In the end we were successful in getting the SRA’s allegation of dishonesty reduced to a letter of advice (which is near to an exoneration with the SRA). Solicitor, Manchester (March 2017)

Whilst seeking to retire from my firm it was subject to an investigation (as a result of the activities of a third party introduced by my partner to take over my role) and subsequent closure. There was an intervention into my practice.. He successfully appealed. I did not have the financial means to do so. I was subsequently hit with a demand for substantial intervention costs. I researched online for a solicitor specialising in regulatory issues with good “reviews”. I came across Andrew Blatt. My first bit of luck in this sorry saga. He was instructed to seek a material reduction of the costs. He also made representations on my behalf in regard to allegations made in respect of my conduct. Andrew gave sound legal, and pragmatic, advice throughout and had a clear understanding of the issues involved. He reacted promptly as matters developed, and was proactive in driving the matter forward to (following a threat to refer to Judicial Review) a successful conclusion, namely a reduction in the intervention costs of some 88 per cent, and non-referral to the SDT. Andrew was easily contactable, and his attention and manner certainly raised my morale at times when I was low. I recommend him without reservation. Solicitor, London (March 2017)

I wanted to write this testimonial in recognition of the fantastic service that Andrew Blatt has provided to me during a very difficult time in my professional career. I have never previously suffered so much as a client complaint as a Solicitor until suddenly I was faced with disciplinary allegations that were extremely distressing for both myself and my family. From the moment I spoke with Andrew, he was incredibly supportive, completely understood matters and was a brilliant support. He got straight to business in working with me to address the points in issue and visited me and my family at our home several times (despite being based a considerable distance from me) to explain the process and to discuss our options. For me this really showed his dedication and personal approach to his work which really impressed and stood out to us. Andrew was very open, no nonsense and frank in our discussions and was always clear about the possible outcomes of the case whilst remaining positive and professional. He was quick to respond to queries and was always available to discuss any concerns I had throughout. He would respond to all communications no matter what time of day and promptly liaised with myself and all other parties even at weekends and whilst he was on holiday. His experience and strategic approach are second to none and I have no doubt are the reason that we were able to achieve the outcome that we did. The testimonials on this page go some way to showing just how highly regarded Andrew is in his profession and I cannot recommend him highly enough. If you ever find yourself facing an issue with the SRA, you need the right man in your corner. Make sure that you instruct Andrew. Thank you again for everything Andrew, my family and I can finally move forward with our lives and we really appreciate it. Solicitor, North West of England (November 2016)

I have been very impressed with Andrew Blatt and am extremely grateful to him for all his help.  When I initially contacted him in connection with an SRA letter, he was kind and understanding, and arranged a meeting within a few days.  Once I had met with Andrew, I immediately felt much more positive about my situation, and with his help and expertise the matter was resolved exactly as I wished, without the need for a SDT hearing.  Andrew has made a thoroughly unpleasant situation much more bearable, and I would recommend him to anyone who is unfortunate enough to find themselves dealing with the SRA.  In summary he is totally professional, but always sympathetic and approachable, and I really cannot speak highly enough of him. Solicitor, The Midlands (November 2016)

Involvement with the SRA on any level, but particularly through investigation, intervention and disciplinary proceedings,  is possibly one of the most terrifying and distressing things that a solicitor can ever be involved in. Andrew Blatt was extremely helpful and supportive from day one, and has been a constant source of encouragement and support since our first panicked telephone call to Murdochs. He has always been strategic and determined through a very complex set of proceedings. I can wholly endorse the testimonials on this page – you will need help to steer your case through unfamiliar and aggressive waters, and you will find no better advocate in Andrew Blatt to assist and guide you in that horribly lengthy journey towards resolution. L, Solicitor, North East of England (September 2016)

Most supportive, helpful, and value for money advice – Andrew [Blatt] is exactly what a solicitor needs when one is dealing with the SRA – first and foremost he treated you as innocent until proven guilty and was able to understand the problem and empathise with you as a practising solicitor; he then has the technical knowledge to be able to dissect the problem and respond to the SRA in a manner which makes them rethink; he is assertive and makes his points succinctly so as to avoid confrontation but at the same time letting the SRA know that they have a fight on their hands; he only made concessions that were necessary to pave the way for a dialogue and bring the most difficult part of the allegations against me to a swift end to the relief of myself and my partners; for the advocacy he has the right people at the right price. If I had any regulatory problems he would be my first point of call and without inviting another bill I found his fees and sympathetic approach very supportive during this trying time. R, Solicitor, London, SDT proceedings (May 2016)

Dear Andrew [Blatt], I want to spend just a small moment of time today to record a note of thanks for all your advice and support over the last 2 years. As you know, it has been a hard time for me and my family. The initial letter from the SRA was aggressive and confrontational.  It demeaned me, and commenced a period of time in my life when I lost faith in the ability of our regulator to regulate fairly and objectively. Were it not for your steadfast support and encouragement I fear that I would simply have gone under and given in.  The sub-text of the SRA’s communications were clear – I was a thoroughly unpleasant individual who deserved to play no part in the legal profession. The allegations against me were so unpleasant that I retreated into a shell of my own making. I severed social ties with a number of people, so ashamed was I at the mere fact that I had been accused of these things’ ‘You were adamant from the off that we would or should receive the file as part of the investigation (I hesitate to call it that). You persevered through the complaint made to the SRA, and then on to the independent complaints service (halted only by the referral of the case to the SDT). You had the conviction that we must persist in obtaining the files throughout, even after the February hearing. It now appears that those whose views are the most important, the final Tribunal members, agreed with you. You were steadfast in your faith that I was being unfairly treated,  and that I should fight if our offer was rejected. To see the SRA throw over £60,000 … at this prosecution would make anyone have second thoughts.  You start to wonder; what are they aware of? Surely they’d never throw that much money at a case they weren’t convinced they’d win? We know of course the answer to that……… So, once again, many thanks for all you’ve done over the last 2 years. I feel it is a victory, despite the finding against me. It is a victory for you too. Do revel in it. Solicitor, Liverpool, SDT proceedings (March 2016)

Robert [Forman] thank you personally for all the help, support and assistance you and your firm provided at such a difficult time in my career. I would have no hesitation in recommending anyone who finds themselves in a similar predicament to you. M, Solicitor, Kent, SDT proceedings (January 2016)

I can not speak highly enough of Andrew [Blatt]. He is thorough and knowledgeable in his specialist field and makes himself available to his clients. Most importantly, Andrew took the time to know and understand me as an individual, which meant he could support me and my family in the legal aspects of my case but also be empathic through a very complex and, often distressing, matter. Without his professional and personal support I can not imagine how I could have navigated my way through such a traumatic period. I hold Andrew in the highest regard as a lawyer and as a gentleman and would recommend anyone seeking representation in regulatory matters to engage him at the earliest opportunity. Solicitor, SDT proceedings (January 2016)

I highly recommend the services of Robert Forman in matters relating to investigations by the Solicitors Regulation Authority and hearings before the Solicitors Disciplinary Tribunal. Robert is a highly skilled solicitor and an excellent advocate. It is clear that the Tribunal members respond positively to his well thought out and clearly presented arguments. He was very straight with me from the outset about the likely outcome which I appreciated. Throughout the claim, he acted diligently and efficiently in order to protect my position. In what was a very difficult time, it was reassuring to know that my case was being dealt with by an expert in this field. I cannot thank him enough for achieving an outcome that was far beyond my expectations and that has allowed me to continue in my career. D, Solicitor,  Newcastle, SDT proceedings (January 2016)

I was able to speak with Andrew [Blatt] and obtain advice from him extremely quickly. Andrew’s extensive knowledge enabled him to give me practical advice as to how to handle the situation and the likely outcomes. I would have no hesitation in using Andrew again or in recommending him to others. K, Solicitor, Rugby (November 2015)

I have read the other testimonials for Andrew Blatt on the Murdochs website and can wholeheartedly endorse the accolades for him contained there. Andrew assisted me during a very stressful and (for me) traumatic SRA prosecution before the SDT  and in doing so displayed all his great experience in this field and a real determination to fight the client’s cause – yet tempered with with an abundance of humanity and an understanding for someone in difficult circumstances .My regret is that I did not find Andrew earlier in my case. Without hesitation I recommend him to other solicitors facing disciplinary proceedings. S, Solicitor (September 2015)

It is a pleasure to say a few words about Andrew.  He is an expert in in his area of work. He is sharp, articulate and very approachable.  Dealing with the SRA at any level is mind-boggling and extremely stressful.  If you find yourself in this position, please immediately call Andrew Blatt of Murdochs Solicitors.  He is simply amazing, understanding and compassionate. He is not a 9 to 5 solicitor.  Once he is on your side he is with you at any time in need. I had to close my firm due to personal and health reasons.  The sudden nature of the closure attracted the attention of the SRA. Without Andrew I would have been lost and ignorant with my dealings with the SRA. He steered us out of the mist with great ability, knowledge, experience, expertise and highest care. We thank you Andrew for being there with us. Solicitor, Ilford (August 2015)

When my firm made allegations of professional misconduct against me and I was being investigated it was a bolt out of the blue and felt like being kicked hard in the stomach.  It was surreal, I was unable to focus on anything, the depression sapped my energy and for the first two weeks I literally could not get out of bed. I had buried my head in the sand and prayed that this nightmare would soon end.  Despite having over twenty years of legal experience I knew that for the sake of my sanity I could not represent myself and needed to distance myself from my accusators and instruct a specialist solicitor in the field of regulation but where to begin?  This wasn’t something I could discuss with colleagues or friends for recommendations. I searched online and decided to call Murdochs, it was the first call i made and from the very first conversation I had with Andrew Blatt I felt that he really understood what I was going through and I felt a great weight had been lifted. Sounds dramatic and a cliche, but that’s exactly how I felt.  Andrew analysed the evidence presented against me and dismantled it like you would knock down a pyramid of cards. He made me see things in an entirely different way and quickly devised a strategy to achieve the outcome I wanted. At a professional level Andrew is extremely experienced, he was efficient and promptly dealt with all matters arising in my case. At a personal level he always made himself available if I needed to call and let off steam, he became the friend I needed to get me through this horrible ordeal. P, Solicitor (July 2015)

Your support and guidance through a very difficult time was much appreciated and we thank you for your help. In the nicest possible way I hope our paths never have to cross again!Solicitor, London, SDT proceedings (June 2015)

I would like to express my appreciation and admiration at the determination and professionalism [Andrew Blatt has] shown in successfully concluding [the] case with the SRA. Solicitor regulation (April 2015)

Andrew [Blatt was] very supportive and efficient from the outset. His intimate knowledge of SRA practice and procedure is indisputable. Above all, his genuine empathy with clients and understanding of the emotional demands involved is invaluable. Solicitor, Kent (February 2015) SDT proceedings

Just a small note to say thank you for all your support, guidance and excellent handling of our matter. Solicitor, Ilford (February 2015) Voluntary Practice Closure to avoid SRA Intervention

I have no hesitation in recommending Robert Forman. He advised and represented me in relation to allegations that were brought against me by the SRA and heard by the Solicitor’s Disciplinary Tribunal. Had the allegations been found against me, the likelihood was that I would have been struck off the roll. Robert was throughout very approachable and responsive. He had the right balance of empathy whilst not glossing over the realities of the situation at all. His level of service was faultless and his advice was always clear and concise. His attention to posing the right questions and  taking full instructions, preparing statements and written submission was impeccable. His advocacy at all hearings including the final determinative hearing was to the point and pitched absolutely right. Needless to say, I was not struck off. If you ever find yourself on the receiving end of allegations of a disciplinary nature before the SDT, do not even think about representing yourself. Instead, get assistant from someone in the know and retain Robert M, Solicitor, Herts (January 2015)

My 2 partners walked out at very short notice, abandoning the practise and all of their clients.  I found myself in the devastating position of having to close my practise.  I made contact with Andrew Blatt who made contact with the SRA on my behalf and I have thus far managed to avoid an intervention and the wind down of the practise continues. It is difficult to describe the devastation I felt but Andrew was truly amazing.  He is very clearly dedicated and committed to helping people, he is very approachable and understanding and honestly cares.  I have no idea what I would have done without Andrew’s help and if anyone were to find themselves in the unfortunate position I did I would very highly recommend him. Thank you Andrew for all of your help, it will always be very much appreciated and as a solicitor in an impossible position, I consider myself very lucky that I found you. T, Solicitor (January 2015) 

Nick Trevette gave me first class advice on what was a very complicated disciplinary case. The facts were virtually unique but he was able to wade through the issues and determine which ones were more important than the others. I would recommend Nick to other professionals facing any disciplinary  charge as he has the experience, the understanding and the kudos to represent your case as best as possible. Surveyor (December 2014)

There is nothing more frightening for any solicitor, whether he has done what he is accused of or not, than to attract the unwanted attentions of the SRA. It is little comfort to know you are innocent, because they just won’t let matters drop even in the face of explanation but seem, when challenged,  to be the more determined to harvest you as a pelt. Nick Trevette of Murdochs has been brilliant. He has been objective, considerate and right.  Moreover he is extremely approachable and vastly experienced, the complete antithesis of the well-known sobriquet ‘the solicitor who acts for himself has a fool for a client.’ The last thing any solicitor (or barrister) should do when faced with an inquisition is represent himself. You need an expert;  fortunately, I have found one in Nick. MN, Solicitor (December 2014)

Andrew Blatt gives clear, calm and reasoned advice. He provided me with informed guidance getting to the nub of the problem in a heartbeat, I would recommend him in an instant. His eye to strategy and the long game are exemplary. RS, Solicitor, Hampshire referred by Law Care (October 2014)

I am pleased to write a reference on behalf of Robert Forman of Murdochs Solicitors.  I have been a client of Robert’s over the last few years and I would have no hesitation in recommending him.  If I needed to use a solicitor again Robert would always be my first choice. Robert is highly intelligent and professional and was very adept at getting directly to the heart of complex legal issues and arguments that had been long running.  He was therefore able to assimilate and reduce the most complicated and extensive material into manageable and understandable advice.  As a result of getting directly to the route of a problem quickly and efficiently he was then able to then find a resolution speedily. The service Robert offers is excellent and nothing is ever too much trouble for him.  He is always contactable and responds immediately answering all queries with clarity and goes above and beyond for his client.    He works tirelessly and achieves a great deal for you and surpasses all expectations of good service; I have never known better. Robert’s knowledge and expertise in his area of practice is obvious to all and he is clearly held in high regard by all the professionals dealing with him.  I therefore had the utmost faith and confidence in his advice given to me thereby making my choices and decisions easy. He is clearly abreast of all the latest legal research and developments and puts them to good use in practice.  Both his negotiation and advocacy skills are excellent. However, it is not just Robert’s excellent professional competence that is impressive but his ability to take on your worries and concerns as his own to relieve you of them; you really do feel that you have someone on your side and fighting in your corner for you. His empathy, understanding and kindness took a lot of the stress out of the proceedings as you really felt you could pass those worries over to Robert to handle. When I was at my very lowest and barely able to function I knew that Robert had taken on all the responsibility of my case and was doing everything possible for me.  I cannot express how much this lessened my own burdens and I will always be grateful for this. I felt completely reassured that the best outcome possible in the circumstances would be achieved and it was. At a very difficult time in my life I am glad it was Robert who was my solicitor to get me through it as painlessly and stress free as possible.  He was a constant source of great support and I was extremely confident and pleased in his abilities and competence. I would therefore urge anyone else having similar difficulties to use Robert and I am sure they will also be impressed and glad that they did.  It will be the best choice they have ever made. M, Solicitor, Essex (June 2014)

Without the assistance, first of Andrew and then of Robert I would not have been able to deal with the SRA and the disciplinary proceedings which I faced. They were always more than happy to deal with my questions and they dealt with a very difficult situation with compassion and understanding. Robert explained to me what would happen at the hearing and what was expected of me. His advice was first class and his preparation and his attention to detail was exemplary. In the hearing itself he was simply brilliant, he got all of his points across and the outcome was far more favourable than I had dared to hope. If I knew anyone who found themselves in the truly horrendous situation that I did, I would not hesitate for a second to recommend Robert or Andrew and I cannot thank them enough. T, Solicitor, Lancashire (May 2014)

Going through the intervention process would have been a minefield had I not had Andrew [Blatt] guiding me through. Patient and a very calming influence, Andrew dealt with the matter and myself professionally at all times whilst still being very approachable. It helped also that he has many years of experience in this area of law, allowing him to successfully address matters with the correct individuals at the SRA and securing responses quickly. Solicitor from North East England (February 2014)

This is one of those situations where there simply are not words to express my gratitude. I am so thankful to have found The Lawyers Defence Group, who put me in touch with Andrew Blatt at a time when it seemed I was going to lose my battle with the SRA.  I found him friendly, approachable and understanding, and even just our initial conversation removed a huge burden of stress and worry.  After choosing to leave the profession 5 years ago, Andrew has restored my faith in the profession – A truly moral, genuine and kind-hearted individual with an outstanding knowledge of the regulatory process.  I had spent literally years attempting, and failing, to negotiate SRA fees.  Andrew kindly agreed to take my case, initially on a pro bono basis, and within days of his involvement the SRA agreed to my terms and I can now, finally, put this matter behind me.  I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Andrew Blatt to help with any regulatory struggles.  My biggest regret is that I did not find him sooner. JM Solicitor turned Foster Carer (September 2013)

Robert Forman did an excellent job in assisting me with my application to the SRA for student enrolment.  I initially began my application without the benefit of legal advice, following the disclosure of a drink drive conviction, and the outcome of my case was not looking great.  Robert turned this around and was very conscientious in his work and easy to communicate with.  I was successfully accepted for student enrolment by the SRA and I start my LPC in September.  I would not hesitate in recommending Robert Forman to anyone in a similar situation. MR, West Yorkshire (July 2013)

Andrew, thank you very much for meeting with me for lunch this afternoon and for all of your help and support.  You’re a true and proper gentlemen and all about what a proper solicitor should be.  Thanks for everything. Solicitor, Tamworth (July 2013)

I just want to say thank you for your help so far. I do not know what I would have done without your help. Thank you for keeping me sane and on the rails . Thank you for all the effort you have put in even where it looked like there was  nothing to fight for. Thank you for  putting my case to the SRA  on my behalf and conveying accurately the  reassurance that I want to rectify the shortfall  so that I do not bring disrepute to the profession and mostly to myself and my family. Thank you. Solicitor, Essex (April 2013)

Andrew Blatt of Murdochs proved to be an inspired practitioner in helping with the closure of a failing practice, adept at navigating the nuances of the Rules, and procedures and requirements of the SRA. His expertise undoubtedly allowed an orderly closure in difficult circumstances, obtaining all necessary waivers and consents, and thereby avoiding a potential and costly intervention. On a human level, he was entirely professional whilst understanding the severe personal stress the partners were under. A first class outcome. MC, Hertfordshire (March 2013)

Mr Blatt has been representing me in relation to SRA disciplinary matters which he has handled in a thorough and professional way and given not only a first rate service but also given me a great deal of moral support over and above what one would normally expect during this difficult period in my life. I would not hesitate in recommending him to other lawyers who find themselves in professionally difficult circumstances. I am happy to discuss any aspects of his work in further detail if required. Yours faithfully RC, Hampshire (February 2013)

An investigation by ones professional body is one of life’s most traumatic experiences. In most cases an entire life’s work and indeed identity are at stake. Andrew Blatt is calm relaxed and warm yet underneath his kind exterior he is ruthless and is willing to tirelessly defend the clients corner. He is astute, knowledgeable and well able to negotiate the minefield of legislation. He is able to quickly assimilate and deal with new information and use it to the advantage of his client. He is available almost 24/7 which becomes extremely important when ones witnesses are fellow professionals. I witnessed Andrew exercising his skill and expertise whilst defending some one close to me, I am therefore in an almost a unique position, in that as a solicitor I am able to offer an outsider’s view of  Andrew Blatt’s skill and competence. If ever I were unlucky enough to need such help I wouldn’t hesitate to instruct Mr Blatt he is a formidable opponent and definitely a man to have on your side. AF & JC, South London (December 2012)

Andrew Blatt of Murdochs proved to be a model of calm efficiency in a time of professional crisis and great personal worry. His advice and judgment was outstanding. He understood exactly what was necessary, setting out all options and recommending appropriate, and very successful, courses of action. He is the first person I would turn to for help. MC, Solicitor, Herts (November 2012)

Having a legal problem is often stressful and frightening, even when you are a lawyer yourself.  When the consequence of that legal problem is the potential loss of your livelihood, the fear and stress is enormous.  Andrew Blatt of Murdochs Solicitors fought tirelessly to ensure that I was dealt with fairly by the SRA and that above all else I did not lose my practicing certificate.  I simply could not have got through the process without his expertise, dedication and commitment.  I would recommend Andrew and his firm whole heartedly and without hesitation.  Z, Solicitor, Kent (November 2012)

Andrew Blatt represented me in disciplinary matters between September 2008 and October 2011. I found him to be one of the most professional, and hard working solicitors I have ever had the privilege to know. Mr. Blatt’s attention to detail, and his knowledge of the Regulatory Regime is second to none. However, one of Mr. Blatt’s other strengths is the personal nature with which he deals with your case. He understands the stresses and strains that facing disciplinary matters can have on a solicitor and the effects this has on a person. This approach to a case engenders a trust between Mr. Blatt and his client that brings about detailed instructions, and solutions to problems. It allows him to go the extra mile for a client. The respect and experience that Mr. Blatt has earned from the Regulatory Authority allows him to negotiate on the client’s behalf in a way only I believe he can. Mr. Blatt instructs only the most knowledgeable barristers, and QC’s, on behalf of a client, and it is clear from the respect that these lawyers show him that he is a highly regarded solicitor in this area of law. My experience of being a client of Mr. Blatt was that he acted both as my lawyer and as my guide through what was a very difficult period of my life as it is for any solicitor facing disciplinary proceedings. He brought clarity and discipline to a very difficult situation. I would highly recommend any solicitor facing disciplinary proceedings to instruct Mr. Blatt, and his firm. MC, Solicitor, London (November 2012)

I cannot thank Murdochs enough for their guidance through a deeply worrying period for me. I faced SDT proceedings with sleepless nights worrying about losing my practising certificate, livelihood and having to tell my family about such news. Murdochs sympathetic yet strong guidance and knowledge of how to deal with the SRA on the regulatory issues was excellent and resulted in the disciplinary proceedings being withdrawn.- all thanks to the case handler’s (Robert Forman’s) expertise. Thank you Murdochs. G, Solicitor, Essex (May 2012)

I found the most suitable person for the job! I am completely satisfied by his work he has performed for me. Obviously I will recommend him to anybody who is in the same situation. Mr Forman is a very pleasant person with a great sense of understanding towards his clients and their problems. He is dedicated, hard working and prompt towards his professional commitments and client care. He is an honest person, who provides the most reliable and best advice to his clients. I have unshakeable faith upon him with regard to his professional commitments. Q, Solicitor, London (March 2012)

Dear Robert, I have been meaning for some time to put pen to paper to express my thanks for everything you did. 12 months ago I would have never expected to have needed your assistance however on one gloomy morning in February I found myself in a desperate position. I don’t really know how I found you, from what I can remember after realising the position that we were in, I started to madly search the internet. Your firm came up and there was reference there to crime, I thought therefore that your firm might better understand our position. Although our encounter seems quite random, I believe that it was a matter of divine providence that I came across your services and indeed you were a God send. After your initial incredulity and astonishment of our position, your support and professionalism throughout the entire time was beyond compare. From the outset you worked tirelessly in order to see this sad affair to a miraculous ending. You were prepared from the start to work outside the bounds of the normal 9 to 5 solicitor; becoming not only legal counsel but also at times personal counsellor. Your advice at all times was apposite and truthful, your fees reasonable; I could have asked for no better. Now when I now consider the standard of the service that I provide I find myself comparing my services to yours. I look forward to the day when I may express my heartfelt gratitude to you in person. Yours truly. M, Solicitor, Reading (November 2011)