Assessment of Character and Suitability Rules 2019 issues

It’s important that firms only train and admit those who align with their own values and standards. Failing to do this can cost your firm expenses, as well as its well-built reputation. A good way to avoid this is to screen prospective solicitors to ensure that you’re represented by only the very best.

What Happens on a Suitability Test?

Generally, suitability tests aim to find out whether a person is the right fit for a firm or body. The 2011 Suitability Test was introduced as a more efficient way to assess the personal and moral character of prosepctive solicitors.

Individuals are tested on any criminal convictions, possible sexual offences, warnings and cautions by the police, motoring offences, bankruptcy, and cheating public bodies. Individuals are also tested as to whether they have caused problems for other regulatory bodies.

Who Do We Act For?

We act for solicitors, prospective solicitors and prospective non-lawyer Managers where the Assessment of Character and Suitability Rules 2019 apply including:-

  • Applications for approval of COLPs and COFAs;
  • Applications for approval of non-lawyer Managers;
  • Applications for Admission to the Roll by prospective solicitors; and
  • Applications for Restoration to the Roll.

What Do We Do?

As part of our services, we’ll guide you through the relevant rules and any application forms required to be filed.

We’ll be able to advise whether something is disclosable and if it is, how it’s best to go about doing this, what other evidence and references you will need, and what other steps you’ll need to take.

Why choose us?

We’ve acted for many individuals over the years, a few examples of which are given below :-

  • Acting on the successful application of an individual to be appointed COLP of a top 100 law firm with a disciplinary history; and
  • Successful appeals against SRA refusal to admit solicitors with criminal records, including of theft and drugs offences.

If you want us on your team, e-mail or speak to Andrew Blatt on 07973 752498, Robert Forman on 07976 562236 or Nick Trevette on 07976 795014.